3 Habits for Managing your Social Media Footprint!

Social media is undoubtedly “in.” As with all things that are relatively new, people often succumb to the freshness of the concept by plunging directly into it, without even thinking of the consequences. This usually happens because there are no rules to adhere to, and the newness means more self-fulfillment and excitement. Here are some tips to not let social media get the best of you or your business.

Don’t spend too much time online

Social media has instilled in people the power of sharing what they do, where they are, and more in an instant. As much as this makes for a good conversation starter online, it is not healthy, especially if you do it frequently. Make yourself  relatively inaccessible at some point. Do not respond to comments well into the night.

 Personalize your social media accounts

Tweak your settings so that what you see is what you need. This means filtering your friend list and removing from your network people you do not really interact with, or people whose updates you do not need to follow. On Twitter, you can create lists. You can categorize the people you follow so that you can instantly get the information you need. This eliminates the need to sift through updates that may not be what you are looking for at any given time.

 Practice restraint

Oversharing can bring about problems such as a lack of privacy and a disconnect from the real world. After building a network of friends that you deem you can trust, edit out the sensitive details that third-party apps can possibly extract from your account such as your personal email address or your contact number. Choose which photos to upload on your social media accounts. Do not put sensitive data in your posts that may be used against you. For other accounts, you may even opt not to upload any image at all for your safety. Create multiple emails specifically for your social media accounts as a security measure.

Social media offers a lot of possibilities, but do keep in mind that it is just one aspect of your life. To make the most of it, make sure that you only share information that you are comfortable with and that you spend a reasonable amount of time online as well as offline, allowing you to live in the moment. http://www.oneims.net/3-habits-for-managing-your-social-media-footprint/

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