Managing your brand

It’s a good idea to get one person to take responsibility for your brand management or brand strategy – if you can’t do it yourself, appoint a qualified employee or in-source a brand manager.

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All of your employees, and your brand manager will play a crucial part in managing your brand because how they act has a powerful impact on what customers and your own staff think of your business. If your employees believe in what your brand stands for, their actions will provide effective evidence of it when they are dealing with colleagues and customers.

Keep employees involved by setting up a suggestion scheme, or regularly taking the time to discuss your brand and how your business is performing.

Continually reinforce the message that what they do is important and explain why. Make sure they know that breaking the promises to customers that your brand makes – even just once – can damage the brand and your business.

Outside your business

Get regular feedback from satisfied customers to check that your business is consistently delivering on the promises your brand makes. Ask dissatisfied customers or former customers as well – you can gain valuable, and sometimes more honest, information from them about how your brand is perceived. Honest and constructive criticism can help you see where there’s room for improvement.

Remember that customers change too.

See the page in this guide on reviewing your brand for details of how regular reviews help you ensure that your brand still matches their needs and preferences. Even the most traditional and well-established brands have to work hard to stay relevant to their customers.

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