Build a Social Media Foundation for the Long Term

Since you can’t expect quick wins, stop treating social media as a way to win favor and gain immediate exposure. Instead set yourself up for ongoing success and a continually rewarding experience by creating a solid social media foundation that is actively maintained.

Your social media marketing strategy should be forward thinking, and as such, needs to be structured in a way that you have an online presence that works for you. If you want long-term success, your social media foundation needs to be strong, which means you need to be using social media tools day in and day out, sharing and connecting with other users, being selfless at times, and staying consistent. Laura Erasmus SEO Manager

If you have a blog, update it several times a week with new content that really serves your audience. If you tweet, make sure to actively seek out people you can connect with by using Mr. Tweet, Twitter directories like We Follow, or Twitter searches for industry keywords. Also, start following the bloggers and press people who cover your sector. They may not follow you back, but if you pay attention to their tweets (and reply from time to time), you can learn about what interests them and fine tune your blogger pitch strategy.

The same holds true for any of the other social media properties. The way to build a strong social media foundation is to stay consistent, genuinely work at building new relationships every day, and starting to share new or helpful tidbits and resources with followers and friends.

So, the message here is: You want to be consistent, keeping your brand fresh in the minds of your followers, without being annoying and overwhelming.

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