First step in creating a brand

What is the first step creating a brand? Successful brand creation is about promoting your strengths. Start by thinking about what you’re good at and what you believe in as a business. For example:

  • particular skills – such as excellence in design
  • high-quality customer service
  • providing the best value for money in your marketplace
  • innovation – perhaps in a niche market

You need to be sure that you can always deliver your promises using your strengths, sometimes referred to as “brand values“.

What customers want

You also need to match these brand values to your customers’ requirements.

What drives your customers? What makes them buy? In most cases, it’s not only about price or performance.

Ask existing customers what they like about doing business with you. And asking potential customers what they look for in their buying decisions can also give you useful information to help develop your business – and your brand.

If your brand values are in line with what existing and potential customers look for when they’re buying, you’ve got the beginnings of a useful brand and you’re ready to start building it.

But if they’re not, you’ll probably need to reconsider either the benefits you offer to your present customers or whether you’re targeting the right people.

For example, a clothing store that has high fashion as a brand value can capitalise on it if its customers and potential customers want to buy the trendiest gear. But if its customer base is made up of pensioners, it’s unlikely those brand values will be in line with its customers’ buying needs.

What your employees should know

Create a document containing your core company values and benchmarks for how you want to operate and be seen to operate. It should encapsulate the purpose of your business and why you think you are different from your competitors. Communicate this to your employees to ensure you are all working towards the same aims, and review it regularly. Creating a brand is not an informal process and employees should know the parameters of your brand and manage it accordingly.

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