How to destroy your online reputation

Your online presence needs to be professional in every way and nothing will get you dismissed faster than poorly designed or an unbranded look on your social media platforms. Invest in quality design if you want to be taken seriously. Don’t destroy your online profile!

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When creating goals, strategies and action plans for your social media marketing, you must have realistic expectations that can actually be met, in order not to destroy your online reputation.  It is also important that these realistic expectations are instilled at every level and department of your company – as unrealistic expectations from senior leaders can and will create a bad social media strategy, which will ultimately destroy your online reputation, brand or business.

Social Media Myth

Reality: Building up a social media presence and following takes time and consistency.

Most businesses need to be willing to work on community building for 6-12 months before they can expect consistent and predictable results.

There will always be exceptions to this where someone had a viral video or post and built a large following organically in a short period of time, however these are extreme exceptions.

Businesses with a budget for social advertising are able to invest in growing their community more quickly and can do so with things like paid Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram campaigns.

Keep in mind that while paid ads can significantly increase the speed of your growth and reach, you also require additional resources in content marketing and community management to ensure ongoing engagement and top of mind awareness.

Don’t destroy your online reputation by unrealistic expectation!

Branding, Marketing takes take and a set of steps to create a valuable and trusted online reputation.

Source – Top Dog Social Media

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