Your website won’t work if you don’t have the following! 1

Our Webpage Development creates a virtual footprint that speaks in your absence – broadcasting your product quality, excellent service and ability to deliver. Corporate Axtion support you in the construction of a brand for your business – to create a distinct identity and philosophy – to embodies the ideas of symbiotic relationships, protection and security, balance with flexibility, and the undeniable quality.

Most business owners think all you need a simple online platform and that in itself is the goal of your business website.  What you as business owner needs to know is that in fact  for your business to get exposure you have to have a website with a blog, writing articles about your business, educating potential clients as well as to give people a good reason to return to your page. You need to create visits (traffic) in order for Googles’ algorithms to pick up that your site indeed is creating content that interest people. Google is all about a good customer experience!

It is also important to have the right Content Management System (WordPress).  For example many people built their pages on a free Wix platform that is known for not indexing in Google and basically defeat the purpose of having a website at all.

Last but not the least a website needs to be built in such a way that you as the business owner or your Social Media Manager are able to use your website as a tool in marketing your business online.  Again if you don’t have the right platform (WordPress) Content Management System, you are not spending your funds wisely.

Whether you appoint us to do your webpage development for your company or strategically developing a webpage to enhance your brand, your will not be disappointed.  Your homepage needs to wear a lot of hats. Rather than treating it like a dedicated landing page built around one particular action, it should be designed to serve different audiences, from different origins. And in order to do so effectively, it needs to be built with purpose.

APPEARANCE – Professional & well designed webpage development. While the appearance doesn’t have much effect on how long a visitor will stay, creating a good first impression is the only way for businesses to showcase their services online. Having an attractive design will hold people for the first few seconds, which, though it may not sound like a lot, is just long enough to show the information on the homepage. 

CONTENT – Well written quality content. Your site must focus on your visitors’ interests and address the question of what’s in it for them and how to improve their businesses and lives. To accomplish this, strong content must be developed in the form of products, services and intellectual property, while constantly evolving.

FUNCTIONALITY –  Every component of your site should work quickly and correctly. Broken or poorly constructed components will only leave your visitors frustrated and disillusioned with your company. Across the spectrum, everything should work as expected, including hyperlinks, contact forms, site search, event registration, and so on.

USABILITY – A critical, but often overlooked component of a successful website is its degree of usability. Your site must be easy to read, navigate, and understand.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – SEO considers how search engines work, the computer programmed algorithms which dictate search engine behavior, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines, and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience.

Corporate Axtion is the best choice for any webpage development.  We are located in South Africa, Paarl, Western Cape. We offer a affordable well designed website service in Paarl, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London, Cape Town and all other areas across South Africa. With our experience your will receive not only a professional modern design, but also targeted web marketing that will be within your budget limitations. For a free web design quotation we can be contacted at

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