Facebook Tagging For Business

Remember when you are Facebook tagging, you are linking to another business or person’s page and that can lead people to click and leave your Facebook page to go to the tagged page. It’s important to balance your desire to connect along with your desire to keep people front and center. Evaluate any post that you plan to use for tagging, so make sure you are ok with traffic potentially leaving the post on your page. Also strategize to balance tagging with not tagging to ensure that you are not driving people away. Strive to keep content balanced because too much of one thing is typically not a good thing. Tagging should be used as one of many strategies to engage with others. #SmeMarketOnline #socialintegrity #facebooktagging

Since around 2004, content tagging has become more and more common due to social networking, photography sharing and bookmarking sites. Tagging is known by a few different names, such as content tagging, collaborative tagging, social tagging and even the scientific-sounding “folksonomy.” In general tagging can be defined as the practice of creating and managing labels (or “tags”) that categorize content using simple keywords.

The issue with content tagging is, like most things on the Internet, there are many different names for it and even more implementations of the practice, which can lead to confusion. In my opinion, content tagging can be broken into two types of tagging schemes, regardless of the exact type of implementation – public tagging and publisher tagging. I’m making the problem worse by arbitrarily making up some new terms, but the goal is to explain content tagging in broad terms and expose how ecommerce business owners can use tagging to their advantage.

What Are “Tags” And What Is “Tagging?”

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