Forget Google Ranking

Forget Google ranking, or maybe don’t?

Social Media Management is a gimmick, right?

Not knowing might just mean you missing crucial information that might have a much bigger impact on your business visibility online that you are aware off. You not a Website Designer/SEO Specialist, in all fairness if something is off, you will most probable be the last to know.  However you will feel the impact over time. To rank anywhere in Google is orchestrated by a definite set of rules, if not applied, will directly impact how you are found online.

Google Ranking Improve your Visibility online

Who has ever thought that one day we won’t be able to exist without being part and parcel a main ingredient in the social media arena?  As a Social Media Marketing Specialist, I can safely say that the online world caught us all off guard.  The one moment we were having fun online, playing on Facebook Instagram, Snapchat and making new acquaintances, and before we realized it, we became the biggest commodities of social platforms. You and I didn’t realized that because of us, our online activity, we were the drive behind  social inventions like Facebook for Business.  Our wants and needs created a virtual world with unlimited business opportunities for all.  Instantaneously the social media online arena was creating revenue and most of us were trapped in a space off which we had no understanding.  A total new set of  rules.

It didn’t take us too long to realize that Facebook for Business unlike our personal social profiles isn’t just a playground, it is a vital tool you best get to master before it’s too late.

It is optional to ignore Social Media strategies, worse have a less affair approach to the whole Social Media Marketing. The problem with many things in life (businesses as well) is that we only realize the value of something once it is too late. Understand the basics of Google search and how it works. If you want to expand your Business you need to know how to improve your Google ranking.


Google Ranking

  • Google is all about content. People want solutions when visiting your site, make them stay and return and your rating on Google will improve your Google ranking.
  • Google can’t see what your images look like, but Google look at alt tags (descriptions) to see what the image is about.
  • Google wants good customer experiences.  When visitors land on your page and leave immediately, your bounce rate will indicate a bad customer experience and you probably won’t get a higher Google Ranking.
  • You have to understand how Google ranks and how it works with information. Look at your website the way Google does and discover areas in which your website needs work. This is how you assure that potential clients will find you online. Never, never forget that Google doesn’t need  Social Media Platforms, they all need Google.

Initially I had the same shortsighted idea most business owners have, that being part of the online arena was limited to a LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ profile and a few blogging post from time to time.  Never did it occur to me that whenever I am online; my business, products, services and blogs – the dots have to connect if you care about your Google ranking.

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization -all lies in the strategic design of your website, keywords, images and content.  This will determine if your business register on Google’s radar, in other words impact your Google ranking.

SEO Design and Management is not a quick fix.  In fact it is an ongoing dedicated and strategic process.  It is hard to master, always evolving.

 “Content is the money of online marketing”

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