Four Guidelines to Building a Brand

It’s no secret that a strong brand that will attract your target market and establish your company as an authority within your industry.  So, how do you build a strong brand?

Strong brands have an understanding of the following:

  • What they stand for.
  • What the core offering is.
  • Who their target market is.
  • Who their competitors are – both established and up and coming.

When you know the answers to the above it creates the foundation for the development of a strong brand.

There is no wavering, there are no questions, so how do you use the above information to begin your brand building?

You use that information to guide your identity and your messaging. Branding mistakes are often made through the wrong marketing messages.  You have to make sure that all of your messaging is inline and your messaging follows these guidelines:

  1. To the Point
    In order to become a strong brand you must in a clear and simple way be able to explain what it is that you do or offer. This is not only helpful for customers, but it’s also necessary to ensure that all of your employees have clear understanding of how to explain what it is that you do and or offer.  There is no room for confusion, which means customers will also have a clear understanding.
  2. Consistency
    Strong brands are not only consistent in their identity, but they are consistent in their messaging. Consistency plays a critical role and helps to establish your presence both in the digital space as well as in print.  It’s brand suicide to not be cohesive in your message both visually and comprehensively.  Being consistent doesn’t mean dull and boring, but rather relevant, fresh and willing to take the time to bounce every message against the core of who you are and what you offer.  It’s consistency that helps a brand stand the test of time.

Consumer Focused
Strong brands create messaging that focus on the customer.  Their message is not centered on the product or the service – ever.  It’s clear from the messaging what the customer will get from that product and/or service. Now don’t misunderstand, your messaging can be different for different audiences and target markets,  but it always centers on who the message was written for.  It’s your job to listen and learn what each audience wants and needs and the message is aligned to those wants and needs.

Deliver on What You Promise
Strong brands don’t get to be mediocre.  You have to offer the best quality and the best service that no one in your marketplace can compete with.  This is not easy, you must find that “one” thing also called the “promise” that makes you stand up against your competitors and win. You must always deliver on that promise because it makes your company who you are.  Over time customers will begin to associate your company with solid confidence that you will deliver on that promise – always.

Struggling with building your brand?  Identify where you fall short using the items above and begin to tackle those items and get into alignment by building and brand strategy, once you do you’ll see your brand begin to gain traction.

About Corporate Axtion

I am a creative social media professional with expertise in digital content strategy development, social media analyst, reputation management, account maintenance, and marketing. I have gained valuable online experience creating innovative, creative and exciting social media accounts that grow client audiences and create brand awareness. I have managed multiple campaigns simultaneously with a focus on traffic generation by creating viral content, syndicating it to social networks, and optimizing for various web applications. One of my specialties is that I am an Organisational Development Specialist and my holistic and creative efforts are focused on the establishment of valuable networks that in the end will generate revenue.

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