How to Optimize a blog

These days, it seems like everyone wants to be a blogger, because they assume it’s easy. Any full-time blogger will tell you earning an income from blogging is anything but simple. While anyone can write a 600-word Op-Ed about cooking, parenting, and the like, drawing traffic to that blog in a sea of similar information takes knowledge in search engine optimization, a set of generally accepted best practices meant to maximize site visibility in search rankings.

If you want to be a thought leader in your industry and improve your site’s organic search traffic, you need a blog. Regardless of the blog topic, be sure to follow these 12 commandments of to learn how to optimize a blog post for SEO, maximize brand exposure, and bring in relevant web traffic.

Always Include Media

When searching for any random topic outside of brand names, Wikipedia is often one of the top five search results. So, while you should never use Wikipedia as a source, mimicking Wikipedia’s formatting is a good way to increase your Google visibility, and pictures are encouraged on the site. Any time you post a blog, include at least one picture. This increases site visibility by indexing both text and media with search engines (often a secondary page is created to host the pic on site).

Also, people are more likely to click a link with pictures, so if your blog is syndicated or indexed on any other site, a thumbnail of your

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