Manage your Business Perception

Business Perception [per-sep-shuh n] management the act or faculty of perceiving, or apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding.

The reputation of an individual, business or brand is what is perceived by the public. Business perception management is vital. What one person might view as negative may not be perceived in the same way by another person. For example, someone who stayed in a hotel with small rooms might give that hotel a negative review because they don’t like small hotel rooms and their perception is that small hotel rooms are unacceptable. Whereas, someone else might not mind small hotel rooms so their perception of that hotel may be positive.

Today, social Online media makes everything instantaneous, which means that “anyone’s observations can quickly be picked up to become news” says Jim Joseph, president at Cohn & Wolfe. In an article published 3/28/2017, he also said that “One simple little tweet from an observer set off a fire storm of social media. The problem is that the tweet didn’t contain all of the facts….a problem du jour with our news cycles and social media commentary.” “In the era of social media where anyone’s observations can quickly be picked up to become news and a crisis, it’s vitally important for brands to not only monitor what’s being said but to then proactively communicate with transparency and honesty to avoid damaging their own reputation. A lesson learned for us all.”

The lesson is that reputation is based on perception and we all want that perception to be positive! Business perception management is not an option it is vital.

No matter what you’re selling, in all likelihood you are selling yourself.  I make it my business to get to know you, your reputation, your product or service as well as your competitor’s reputation – their strength and weaknesses. In the end together we create revenue. Your goal is to fill the first page of Google with as many positive results as possible. Don’t underestimate the value of an integrated personal and business brand; and don’t overestimate the amount you think you need to spend to brand yourself.  It is my business to brand you. Laura Erasmus|Corporate Axtion International – Social Media Marketing
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