Marketing vs. Branding – what is the difference?

Marketing versus branding, these two business functions are often believed to be mean the same thing. We beg to differ, and by understanding that Marketing and Branding are two distinct functions, but work together to achieve a specific goal in brand positioning and brand building, you will be better equipped to leverage both and elevate your overall ROI. It’s time to leverage the difference between marketing vs. branding.

Here’s an interesting analogy: Take a moment to think about your business brand as a a Hollywood movie. Your marketing efforts are the SCRIPT and your Brand’-ing’ is role of the ACTORS. A good script (a good marketing campaign) can be a total bust if the actors (your brand) cannot pull it off consistently, memorably, and with full on believability. So, no matter how good the script, if your actors cannot be trusted, believed, and are not memorable, you’ve just wasted a lot of production expenses!

To be blunt and transparent – You and your competition can basically ‘say’ anything you want within your marketing campaigns. But the actual delivery of the messages’ promise is the real test of the brand experience. When/if you don’t actually deliver the experience you are promising, you might as well crawl in a cave and disappear. Because in this day and age of evangelistic, on-the-fly, wordwide web commentary, your brand management cannot be left as a secondary concern. Are you ready to fully deliver on your promises? Do you have your systems and processes in place to do so? Are your employees fully aware of your brand position, your unique brand vocabulary, the brand story, and fully enlisted, equipped and engaged in living and delivering on the brand promise? If not, we should talk.

Your Brand’s DNA is the foundation of building a successful, meaningful and authentic brand story that your customers can connect to and engage with at a deeper, more meaningful level. Live your brand from the inside out first, then market the heck out of it to fully leverage your competitive advantage.

Online brand building includes SEO as well as social media and content creation, such as article writing and blogging and is the post effective way to generate traffic that lead to sales.

Can I help you to create an online presence?

A common mistake is to think you will start later and end up not creating an online reputation at all.  While you hovering your competitors are creating a space in which you are not participating. Setup a marketing strategy for 2017! In today’s business world people want to do business with other people more so than ever before! This is why it’s so important to focus on building your brand. Why? Because we trust people we know. We trust people that we have relationships with, and most of all – we like to do business with people we trust!

If you find that your Social Media Management is dividing your focus or that you do not have sufficient time and resources to manage YOUR BRAND contact me.  I make it my business to market your business.




About Corporate Axtion

I am a creative social media professional with expertise in digital content strategy development, social media analyst, reputation management, account maintenance, and marketing. I have gained valuable online experience creating innovative, creative and exciting social media accounts that grow client audiences and create brand awareness. I have managed multiple campaigns simultaneously with a focus on traffic generation by creating viral content, syndicating it to social networks, and optimizing for various web applications. One of my specialties is that I am an Organisational Development Specialist and my holistic and creative efforts are focused on the establishment of valuable networks that in the end will generate revenue.

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