How much should your Photographer charge in 2016?

A small local business can find a photographer in this price range rather easily. The rate depends on many factors. The type of photography and production required does play a role in pricing. It’s also more common today for photographers to consider your website traffic in their estimate.


I recommend before you hire a photographer on price, take a look at his or her portfolio, to see if the work that he/she creates is right for your needs. This rule is true at all levels of photography. It’s also worth noting that a great landscape photographer may not be the best choice for your wedding, or that a food photographer may not produce exactly what you want for your portrait. That is, knowing how to work a camera doesn’t mean that the photographer understands how to create what you desire. Once you narrow down the portfolios of the photographers you like, then make price a consideration.

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There are some people you can’t work with fairly. The reason why is that they have no regard for your well-being, or your business. Proper prices cover the costs involved in running a business such as premises, marketing, equipment, travel, etc as well as time on location and to process pictures after. This will invariably vary from place to place and also on the type of audience you are targeting.Remember that people are paying you not only for inherent talent and creativity, but also years of building up experience and learning to use the tools of the trade. Do not sell yourself short and always respect fellow photographers – especially those who earning a living with their camera.

Doing business must be a win-win. Let other photographers go out of business working with unreasonable people. More expensive does not mean better, that is for you to decide. I can say that those who are charging in the professional and top end market are usually serious and experienced when it comes to running a business. Try not to forget that getting a great product is not only about pressing a button on a camera, there are many aspects before and after the actual shoot.

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