Not indexed by Google influence your Google ranking

The first step to free organic traffic is having your website indexed by Google will benefit your Google rankings. Your website should be looked at as an investment in your company–not an expense. Most consumers turn to the web today when they are looking for products and services, so if your website is not being found, you are losing money to your competitors–guaranteed.

 No Google rankings in the online universe, that’s nothing short of a disaster. If you are not picked up by search engines, your website is going to be invisible for 99% of the people on the Internet and you can completely forget about organic traffic. Visitors from search engines remain one of the most important and high-yielding options.

The basic  of search engines are to find content for their search results, Google relies on so-called search spiders. These are automated programs that scour the Internet and report the content of websites to search engines.

All major search engines have their own spiders, for example, Google’s is called Googlebot. The process of exploring a website and its content is called crawling. It’s what the Googlebot does to understand what your posts and pages are all about.

The phase after that is called indexing. It means if your content has been deemed worthy by the sneeky little robot, it is then processed and added to the Google index. This index, in turn, feeds into the search results.

In a way, we are completely at Google’s mercy when it comes to being found on the web. No index by Google or other search engin’s, no organic traffic.

  • Invest in a good hosting provider.
  • Fill your site with high quality content.
  • Disable and discourage search engine from indexing in the developer phase.
  • Share your site online.
  • Sign up to Google Analytics
  • Create a sitemap.
  • Submit your site to Google.
  • Set your preferred domain. versus
  • Check for crawl errors.
  • Manually request Google to crawl your site.
  • Check permalinks & meta tags.
  • Get backlinks.

One of the first steps towards search engine success, better Google rankings and free organic traffic is getting indexed by Google. Without being picked up by search engines, all the SEO in the world will not do you any good.

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