A practical lesson on Social Media Management for Startups!

Social Media Management is a daunting task.  Unfortunately most entrepreneurs believe it to be a task that can be done by the intern, thinking if you know how to play on your own Facebook page it will be no different to manage the business Facebook page. Unfortunately, it will take many wasted hours and little success to realize that either he or she is playing more on their own personal page or you/they are doing something wrong.  The worst part is that in the end if you don’t give your Social Media Management the time and effort it deserves, you will regret your losses once you realize the scope you never explored.

Business owners in the past 5 years have come to realize the importance and the reach Facebook Business pages have.  In fact Facebook Business is evolving by the minute leaving many empty voids of uncertainty and wondering entrepreneurs.

Social Media Management is based on basics parameters, if not followed, will leave the best of entrepreneurs disappointed. Not knowing how to and when to, and also who to market to, in the end will not create the expected revenue.

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As a startup, or a newbie in the social media marketing arena, venturing into the abyss of social media marketing, will at the onset raise the following question – What Social Media Platform will suit your business the best to reach the target audience?

Following a few pointers when deciding on which social media platform to use.

  • Chose and decide upon your target audience – where does your target market hang out.
  • Figure out via which platform your target market will be reached?
  • Batch creates videos, images and other visuals.
  • Create a post schedule per week/month.
  • Create two way interaction – talk to your audience.
  • Repeat the process until you are certain that you have created an effective social media platform for your target market.  Once this is in place you can shift your focus to a new Social Media Platform.

The most popular social media platform today is Facebook, which has the highest user engagement levels.  Facebook makes sure users are engaged by catering each individual’s news feed with content that data indicates is specifically relevant to them.

Time is exceptionally valuable, so why not make sure you’re are equipped, knowledgeable and making the most of it. If you’re not, you will end with many waste hours of frustration, second guessing your effort and approach, not to mention the time (money) you could have dedicated to what you do best, YOUR business.


Self maintained Facebook Business page versus an appointed dedicated Social Media Manager, who in the end will cost you less  in time, money, effort and resources!  Let me know.  If you are uncertain, contact me!

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