So why do you need a well designed webpage?

The most common reason I hear from small businesses for not having a webpage is: “we don’t need one.” Webpages are often (mis)treated like business cards of the 80s; as pure ego-boosters. But think about it, when it comes down to it your webpage isn’t for you, it’s for your customers.  If you don’t have a webpage, imagine how many prospective customers have searched online for you. If prospective customers can’t find information about your business, then your business doesn’t exist and they’ll go elsewhere.  Wouldn’t you?

People never want to spend money on things they NEED. They only like to spend money on things they WANT.

Many times I talk to people that started a business not knowing what they suppose to do with their webpage.  More than most I find they all think a webpage is just one more tick to convince others you have a “real” business.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things you don’t need a webpage for:

  • To start telling people about your new venture
  • To sell a product or service
  • To run a successful business

However, let me highlight a few points on why you do need a strategically well designed webpage:

Sure a webpage may make some of these things easier, but it won’t be the webpage that makes or breaks your business. That’s on you.

A website should be a clear part of your marketing strategy. Your outcomes should be reflected in the overall design of your web page.

If you’re convinced that you need a webpage but can’t get behind the idea of having to spend money on it, then don’t get a webpage. You’re in the wrong head space to make it a success.

Let me end this discussion with the most profound realization when it comes to your webpage.  Having a four page webpage with basic information of your business, will in the end mean the same as not having a webpage at all.

A static webpage is an electronic online document without any value to return to. You need a strategic, well designed page with a blog that has good content.  You have to give your potential clients a reason return to your page and to want to follow you on whatever platforms you operate!

Now that you convince a well designed web page is a necessity with a definite purpose, the following strategy will definitely add value to your business marketing and revenue strategy.

Social presence is the fruit that comes from the seeds of the four C’s:

1) Choosing a platform that you enjoy AND that your ideal customer/clients use.

2) Consistency – ie. showing up regularly enough that you aren’t forgotten but not so much that it drives you crazy and ready to close your account and live in a cave.

3) Content – creating content (and curating – not everything you post needs to be uniquely yours) that is interesting/entertaining/useful… Ask yourself, who would share this?

4) Connecting with people who have taken the time to follow/like/heart/react/whatever your stuff (and those who don’t yet but who are posting stuff that you enjoy).

If you think Digital Marketing is not a big thing…. Think again!

Last year, spending on the internet already overtook advertising on television and cable networks. Traditional advertising doesn’t have that much power anymore in a world where multi-channel digital marketing is increasing by as much as 137%, backed by an even awesome 500% increase in brands using multiple digital marketing channels.


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Reasons why small businesses DON’T NEED a website

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