Changing Social Media Management Rules?

Keeping up with all the social media management rules is not as easy as it seems, the rules are often changing, platforms continue to evolve, and new social networks pop into the mix.  Monitoring online social media interactions is key to online reputation management, however not every comment requires a response.

Do’s & Don’ts for Social Media Management

Fact – If you haven’t noticed, social media is pretty much everywhere these days. Despite what some might think, it’s not shrinking – in fact, it’s growing. And not just on a personal level, but for businesses too.

No matter how much you know – there’s always more to learn about the ever changing social media management rules. No matter how many strategies you implement – you need to remember that it all takes time. Be consistent – be patient – be real and authentic – have fun – measure your results – rinse and repeat.

Fact -Building up a brand presence on Pinterest or Instagram, for example, can take hours of work every day, not to mention the cash flow going into paid ads; add another platform into the equation, and all that hard work becomes diluted.

Don’t go full armor. Even some of the largest tech-driven corporations in the world don’t apply a blanket policy of being active on every single social media platform. In fact, Tesla and SpaceX were recently (and controversially) deleted from Facebook, with CEO Elon Musk hinting at the platform’s dwindling effectiveness and relevance as justification for this. For businesses with a more modest marketing budget than that of Tesla, the main reason to avoid going live on multiple platforms is due to a lack of resources – both human and financial.

Fact – If a potential customer visits your Facebook Page and sees your last post was six months ago, they’ll not only question your business’ time management skills, but also wonder if you’re still even open.

That’s why even if social media marketing isn’t one of your biggest concerns, it’s still a good idea to post at least once a day – even if it’s just for show.

Fact – Don’t delete negative comments.

Have you heard the saying ‘turn a negative into a positive’? This also applies to social media. Every negative comment is an opportunity for you to turn it into a positive and demonstrate top-notch customer service. It also shows other fans of your brand that you care about your product/service and are willing to address issues in a professional and timely manner. In today’s world, customers turn to social media for help first, instead of calling a customer service hotline.

Fact – Humanize your brand to make the engagement experience for the customer more personable.

Don’t rely on automation. You lose the personal touch with customers if it sounds like a computer is speaking to them.

Your Brand and Social Media Management Rules

Social media should be used for brand awareness, thought leadership and connecting with your followers. Your brand channels should never be 100 percent about the hard sell. Don’t overwhelm your timeline with promotion and sales messaging. Social media should be used to inform your audience and show your industry expertise. Constantly shoving offers at your followers will turn them away from your brand.

In the end Social Media Management is about brand building, being real and conveying a message saying something about your business in your absence.  It is up to you to control your business branding or not! Perception is not optional it is the one thing you can influence but have no control over. Know the social media management rules!

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Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for 2018

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