Social Media Mistakes Your Business Makes

2018 is shaping up to be a powerful year for social media marketers. Currently, seven out of ten consumers expect a business to have a well-maintained social media presence, and 17 percent of consumers actively use social networks when looking for information about a business. Now, one problem is that most business owners have an iffy understanding of social media strategy at best. However, by identifying what NOT to do, you can form a successful plan that will result in more brand awareness, customer engagement, and a lift in leads and sales.

One of the main differences between social media marketing and traditional marketing is that, with social media, your audience can interact with information your brand pushes out and share their opinions on that content immediately. In the vast, non-stop world of social media, it’s easy to slip up. And while there is an art and a science to social media that can take time to perfect, there are also some established mistakes social media managers new and old should steer clear of.

Social media marketing doesn’t work,” I often hear. “It doesn’t work for you because you are not doing it right,” is typically my response.”

Create content specific to each social channel where you’re present

As you can see, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook boast more female users, while Twitter has slightly more male users. 78% of consumers believe that companies focused on custom content are more trustworthy than companies that simply churn out generic content. When companies create custom content, their audiences are more likely to believe that the company cares about the consumer’s time.

Not Responding to People Who Engage with You

Know that it’s okay to utilize automation as a tool. A Set aside time in your schedule to engage with your followers. Even though I schedule posts, I still check each social channel every day to make sure we are engaging with our followers.

Pushing out Content That Doesn’t Connect Back to Your Business Goals

Before creating a social media campaign, program, or post, you have to think about the outcome you want. I want X to happen, so I’ll do Y on social media. The next step is to create a goal. In reality, by posting Y, I believe Z will happen. Next, think about how Z affects or connects to your business values. Finally, analyze what actually happened by comparing results to your desired outcome and goal.

More reasons your Social Media Management is not delivering results as expected:

  • Posting Accidentally from a Personal Device
  • Trying to be too social
  • Overselling
  • Disgruntled Employee Posts
  • Failure to Keep on Trend with the News
  • Failure to Have a Clear Strategy
  • Treating All Social Media Platforms the Same
  • Connecting as Opposed to Networking
  • Making It All about You
  • Incorrect Use Of Hashtags
  • Not Enough Visuals
  • Targeting the wrong audience
  • Marketing on the wrong social media platform
  • Ignoring your reviews
  • Not investing in video
  • Neglecting paid social media advertising

Unless you’re McDonald’s or American Airlines, you do not need to be on every single social media platform. Here’s why. You have a specific target audience. Not all target audiences spend their time on the same platforms. At most, you should be on four social media platforms (unless you have a dedicated team devoted to social media marketing). Find out which social platforms are best for your business here.

Last but not the least, underestimating the effort and work that has to go into social media management

If you’re trying to run your business and manage your social media accounts, you’re doing too much. You will never be able to allocate the time required for success, except at the expense of your business’ growth. Hire an in-house professional to carry out your social media marketing or outsource to a Social Media Manager. You want your social media to flourish, but you never want to neglect your responsibilities as a business owner.

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