The new era in disciplinary management

LabourPro® is a fast becoming the new standard for handling misconduct in the work place and represents a paradigm shift in disciplinary management…

A shift in focus

Each time an employee committed an offence, managers would have to spend a lot of their time making sure that the correct procedures were being followed and that the employee was being treated in a manner that was consistent with the treatment of other employees.

LabourPro® has changed this by automating these time consuming activities, allowing you to focus more on the circumstances surrounding each offence; making the process more about employment justice and correcting the employee’s behaviour.

Corrective action

The emphasis of LabourPro® is towards correcting the employee’s behaviour. It is both costly and time consuming to train staff, so simply dismissing all the time only creates a cycle of expense. Employees will cross the line from time to time and it is our duty to guide them back to the right path. This process is called corrective action and it is not only cost effective strategy, but it is a requirement of the Labour Relations Act. To this end, when an employee breaks a rule, a warning is issued to express dissatisfaction, and to attempt to convince him to change his behaviour.

LabourPro® has designed this process to be time efficient, but more importantly, to be both inclusive and constructive, so that a positive employer/employee relationship can be maintained.

By the same token, the efficiency of this software makes dismissal a very swift process for the employee who continues to misbehave, before he can cause too much damage to your organisation.

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