Audit your webpage design from a visitors POV

Every so often, you should take a hard look at your webpage design from the point of view of a first time visitor. Walk through each page as if you had never seen the site before. Identify and note all the issues you find … and then fix them! corporate-axtion-branding-seo-management

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1) Do you know what this company does simply by looking at their homepage? What about the inside pages?
Keep in mind that many of your visitors may enter your site on a page other than your homepage.

2) Are there any delays in loading? Are there broken links or images?
39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load. (Source: Adobe)

3) Is your logo clickable and linked to your homepage?
After reaching a company’s website via a referral site, 36% of visitors will click on the company’s logo to reach the homepage. (Source: KoMarketing)

4) Does the navigation make sense?
After reaching a company’s website via a referral site, 50% of visitors will use the navigation menu to orient themselves. (Source: KoMarketing)

5) Do you know where to find the information that you are seeking?
Here are a few of the most common things that visitors are looking for, so be sure that they are able to easily find it from any page of your website:

– 47% of website visitors check out a company’s products/services page before looking at any other sections of the site. (Source: KoMarketing)

– Once on a company’s homepage, 86% of visitors want to see information about that company’s products/services. (Source: KoMarketing)

– Once on a company’s homepage, 64% of visitors want to see the company’s contact information. (Source: KoMarketing)

– Once on a company’s homepage, 52% of visitors want to see “about us” information. (Source: KoMarketing)

*Tip: Create personas for each type of visitor that you are trying to reach and look at the site through each of their perspectives.

6) If there are calls to action, did you feel compelled to follow them? Why or why not?
Make note of places where you are missing out on calls to action and of what could be improved.

7) Do you know how to contact them?
51% of people think “thorough contact information” is the most important element missing from many company websites and 44% of website visitors will leave a company’s website if there’s no contact information or phone number. (Source: KoMarketing)

8) Is the look and style of the website modern, professional, and pleasing to the eye?
38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive. (Source: Adobe)

9) Does everything function correctly?
Check all buttons, links, forms, scrolls, hovers, swipes, print view, search, etc. Your website needs to work!

10) How is the responsiveness of the site’s design?
Check it from every device and desktop that you can … and have others check it as well. Consider these stats: Between December 2013 and December 2015, tablet internet consumption grew by 30%; smartphone internet consumption grew by 78%; and desktop internet consumption dropped by 1%. (Source: comScore)

Once you have completed your webpage design audit, you may want to focus on auditing your content as well to ensure that it is concise, well written, on topic, up-to-date, free of spelling errors, etc.

Source: 34SP

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