Why I Think Social Media is a Necessary Evil

In a recent online survey of more than 460 small business owners, proprietors and CEOs, 63% said that they spend 1-5 hours on social media every week. The rest are spending much more, with some business owners spending 21+ hours a week on social media alone – thats HALF of the normal working week – how are they getting anything else done?

That’s just it. They’re not.

If you are a small business owner, what could you possibly be doing on Facebook, or twitter for 21 hours? The vast majority of time spent on social media is unproductive and should be handed over to a virtual assistant for them to handle the scheduling and promotion, whilst you focus on the engagement side of things only.

This same survey, by Vertical Response, revealed that one in three small business owners want to spend less time on social media. And if you’re eyes are glued to this article right now, I’m assuming, pretty heavily, that you want the same thing.

Here’s the thing – except for Twitter, I’m not the biggest social media fan. For the exact reasons I’ve pointed about above. It sucks time away from the important things in life (not just business), and ultimately takes over certain times of your day – for whatever reason. I say ‘except twitter’ because I love how quickly and easily you can send a tweet, especially via the mobile app for the micro-blogging platform. I mean, how long can it take to send a 140 character message!?socialthumbsup1

But, once you get into Facebook, with all it’s bells and whistles, it’s a whole different ballgame. It’s very, very hard not to hop onto Facebook to update your page, and NOT click around to peoples profiles, check your newsfeed, click on a few ad’s that grab your attention and so on.

However, I have learned to appreciate what Facebook, Google+ and other social channels out there can do for a brand and a business, and instead of fighting it off, I’ve embraced it – but, in a smart, productive manner which leads me to this post and the tips contained herein.

Do You Have a Social Media Plan?

Businesses often fail in their social media efforts because they think it’s a good idea, but have no structure, or real commitment. ‘Where doing social media now!” they say. Really? Are you? Or, is social media doing YOU??!!!!

You are not going to build your online presence overnight. You need to create a social media plan—a checklist, which will detail your short and long-term goals, recurring tasks and the different milestones you want to achieve.

At the end of the day, whether you’re doing all this yourself, or working with a Brand Manager to handle the bulk of the work for you, you are investing your time, energy and resources into social media and, as a business owner you need to see some form of ROI. Wouldn’t you agree?

Not all social networks are worth your time. You need to evaluate which networks you will focus on based on your business. A photographer will use Instagram and Pinterest, whereas I focus on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Giving Away the Keys to the Castle

Bottom line – if you want to automate this stuff properly, you’ll need to give your Brand Manager access to your social media profiles / accounts.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

Firstly, share your login details with them. That means account username and passwords. Secondly, simply make them administrators of your social profiles. Please note that you can only currently do this (as far as I know) for:

  • Facebook Pages
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Google+ Pages

Social Media Tasks for Your Virtual Assistant to Handle

Now, that you’ve got your Brand Manager setup with access, it’s important to give them an orientation on how you handle social media yourself. This will allow your Brand Manager to gain some insight into your thought processes and he/she will be able to take this into account when carrying out tasks.

Source: http://www.chrisducker.com/how-to-work-with-a-virtual-assistant-to-manage-your-social-media/

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I am a creative social media professional with expertise in digital content strategy development, social media analyst, reputation management, account maintenance, and marketing. I have gained valuable online experience creating innovative, creative and exciting social media accounts that grow client audiences and create brand awareness. I have managed multiple campaigns simultaneously with a focus on traffic generation by creating viral content, syndicating it to social networks, and optimizing for various web applications. One of my specialties is that I am an Organisational Development Specialist and my holistic and creative efforts are focused on the establishment of valuable networks that in the end will generate revenue.

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