Your network is your net worth

Your network is your net worth!

Networking is the departure point of business development. Technology has redefined how we prospect for jobs, meet business contacts and increase our revenue. As an entrepreneur, if you don’t have a network, you will keep revisiting the drawing board.”

If you want to make Your Network Your Net Worth, don’t let your social capital lay dormant. Set an objective, build your online profile, develop partnerships to extend your reach and understand the basics of blogging. Get out there and use technology to accelerate and amplify your connecting efforts.  Social networks are now a substantial part of every marketing strategy, and the benefits of using social media are so great that anyone not implementing this cost-effective resource is missing out on a phenomenal marketing opportunity.

Social Media Networking Outline

  • Increase Brand Awareness – Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin
  • More Inbound Traffic
  • Improve Search Engine Rankings
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Brand Loyalty
  • Gain Market Place insights

A popular misconception is that networking is about getting a job or landing a client. In reality, networking is about establishing relationships that provide you with valuable feedback and allow you to make educated decisions.

A successful marketing campaign has to get three vital elements right:

  • Message – The marketing message or offer you send
  • Market – The target market you send your message to
  • Media – The media you use to send your message to your target market e.g. radio, direct mail, telemarketing, TV etc.

You need to hit all three of these to have a successful campaign. You need to send the right message to the right target market, through the right media channel.

Social media marketing is possibly the most cost-efficient part of an advertising strategy. Signing up and creating a profile is free for almost all social networking platforms, and any paid promotions you decide to invest in are a relatively low cost compared to other marketing tactics. Being cost-effective is such an advantage because you can see a greater return on investment and retain a bigger budget for other marketing and business expenses.

Just because you’ve been reluctant to adopt an online marketing strategy doesn’t mean your competitors haven’t. They could be conquering the digital landscape, poaching your potential customers and offering a better first impression to anyone searching for businesses like yours in your area. To make matters worse, every day they continue to follow these strategies is another day ahead of you they’ll be. In this day and age, your business card is a website. When people hear of your company or wish to seek further information on it, they want to do so on their own time, online. From there they can e-mail you with questions, or place an order ifyou offer products online as well. In fact, with the amount of trade that can be achieved through a website, it’s no wonder that so many small businesses have made the jump to going online.

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates

There’s a “bare minimum” standard that consumers expect to see of businesses marketing online strategy, so strive to achieve at least that.

In today’s business world people want to do business with other people more so than ever before! This is why it’s so important to focus on building your brand. Why? Because we trust people we know. We trust people that we have relationships with, and most of all – we like to do business with people we trust!

If you find that your Social Media Management is dividing your focus or that you do not have sufficient time and resources to manage YOUR BRAND contact me.  I make it my business to market your business.

About Corporate Axtion

I am a creative social media professional with expertise in digital content strategy development, social media analyst, reputation management, account maintenance, and marketing. I have gained valuable online experience creating innovative, creative and exciting social media accounts that grow client audiences and create brand awareness. I have managed multiple campaigns simultaneously with a focus on traffic generation by creating viral content, syndicating it to social networks, and optimizing for various web applications. One of my specialties is that I am an Organisational Development Specialist and my holistic and creative efforts are focused on the establishment of valuable networks that in the end will generate revenue.

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